Published on novembre 11th, 2017 | by Matt Dumoulin

SUP Paddling Using Your Core Muscles

Some proper paddle stroke technique… Use your core muscles rather than your arms muscles!
« Once you have the basics of paddle board technique we can really start to look at improving efficiency and power within the paddle stroke. In this video we start to do this by looking at using larger muscle groups to power the board along. Using your core muscles will mean you will be able to keep the board paddling for longer at higher speeds and more efficiently.

To use your core effectively you need to let your hips rotate and your shoulders turn with the blade as you reach for the catch. As you reach forward let the hips follow and the shoulders turn away from the stroke. As the blade moves through the water the hips and shoulders return to square.

To use your core well maintain a nicely extended bottom arm. The less this is moving the more you are engaging your core muscles whilst paddling. »

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