Published on February 2nd, 2018 | by Matt Dumoulin

2018 Surf & Cruise – Starboard Ultimate toy!

Starboard latest innovation! A treat for anyone who loves to play out there!

Progression-friendly surf shapes with surprising wave-riding ability.

Entry level to intermediate riders.
Stable shapes for wave riding.
Sizes 10’0″ and above also for cruising.

11’2″ x 36″ Avanti Fun and easy glide, an incredibly stable board for heavier or multiple riders to cruise and surf.

10’0″ x 34″ Whopper A highly popular, stable board which surprises with incredible wave riding ability.

9’5″ x 33″ Whopper Shorter length gives greater maneuverability with easier turning in the surf.

9’0″ x 33″ Hero Stable and reactive, save energy for surfing with easier turning on the wave.

9’0″ x 30″ Converse Ideal for riders looking for easy entry into waves and reactive turning.

8’5″ x 30″ Pocket Rocket Stable short board for riders looking for more progressive surfing in all conditions.

Target rider: Stable shapes for heavier riders up to 130 kg down to shorter board for lighter riders at 85 kg for more progressive wave riding.
Construction: Available in Carbon Balsa, Pine Tek, Starlite, Starshot, ASAP and in Starlite wave.
Key features: Wide nose and tail for stability, 3/4 EVA Deck pad. Selected Pine Tek boards with extra fin boxes for windsurfing.
Fins: Supplied with US center box and FCS side fin boxes. Thruster setup supplied with Balsa Core fins for Carbon Balsa and Pine Tek; Balsa Core center fin and Black net positive plastic side fins for Starlite and Starlite Wave; Black net positive plastic fins for Starshot and ASAP. »

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