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Published on March 18th, 2021 | by Supworldmagazine

4 Lakes – 4 Days – 4 Records

A new project to break 4 world records and raise funds for the Alliance of Sport in Criminal Justice has been put together by UK stand up paddler David Haze. Here he explains a bit about his projects and goals:

david haze on a beach with his paddle board
David Haze

« 2020 was the start of my new life, a new prosperous chapter in the story book of my life. »

« So much has changed, long gone are lost opportunities, the broken relationships and for the first time in my life I am truly happy, content and settled. I for once now fully honestly understand who I am, my belonging and I am relishing in this journey that I am embarking on. »

« With this said I am now trying to live through adventure, I want to push my boundaries and test my limits, but I also want to take my love of the sport that I adore and admire to a new level, which is why I will be attempting to Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) the 4 longest lakes in the UK in 4 days in attempt to set 4 world records. »

lake in the uk

Paddling4 Change

  • Loch Awe – Scotland
  • Lake Windermere – England
  • Lough Neagh – Northern Ireland
  • Llyn Tegid – Wales

« I want to raise money for a cause and charity that I support and is very close to my heart, the ‘Alliance of Sport’ whose mission is to build a better and safer society through the use of sport in the Criminal Justice System and by actively helping their network in their efforts to reduce violence, crime and reoffending. »

david haze paddle boarding
David Haze

« Prison reform and rehabilitation is something I am very passionate about, it seems to be a lost cause in this Country but it is very much something that needs our attention if we want to change lives for the better. We all need to come together to make a difference, bringing down the reoffending rate in this Country, creating safer communities and harmonious environments for all of us to live in. But we as a society need to come together to support those that have fallen and not let them become lost in the system any longer, ‘old dogs can learn new tricks’ and I want show how we can all change and grow as individuals. »

« Thank you for your support. »

By David Haze (@nomadicpaddler on twitter and instagram)

You can help David by clicking the following link.

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