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Connor Baxter wins the World Series Sprints on Day 1 in Alagoas

Connor Baxter wins the World Series Sprints on Day 1 in Alagoas
In another intense battle of the Titans, Connor Baxter (Starboard) and Kai Lenny (Naish) picked up where they left off last year with another battle for the ages. Connor led through the first leg, but Kai managed to catch him on the second buoy in the surf. Connor however succeeded in keeping the lead as they both battled around the next 2 buoys and into the home straight. However, an incoming swell allowed Kai to pull up neck and neck to Connor coming up the beach, with a dramatic sprint to the finish that saw Connor just get the better of Kai – a great start to what is destined to be another incredibly competitive year.

However, it was not just a Connor vs Kai battle, Jake Jenson (Fanatic) and Zane Schweitzer (Starboard) were right on their heels, with Jake just getting the better of Zane on the home straight to take 3rd and Zane, 4th. In 5th, it was the Viking Casper Steinfath (Naish).

So a dramatic day of action, as we regroup and get ready for an exciting long distance race that will kick off at 2pm Brazil time for the Pros, after a full morning of racing for amateurs, youth and entry level enthusiasts. Make sure to stay tuned to www.watermanleague.com for highlights, galleries and recaps from the action as it goes down, but also our social networking channels for more immediate updates (instagram @standupworldseries & the Stand Up World Series Facebook)

Here are the full results from today’s action:

Place Athlete Nation Patron Sprints Long Distance Overall
1 Connor Baxter HI Starboard 10,000
2 Kai Lenny HI Naish 8,000
3 Jake Jenson AUS Fanatic 6,500
4 Zane Schweitzer HI Starboard 5,750
5 Casper Steinfath DK Denmark 5,000
6 Kody Kerbox HI Naish 4,750
7 Vinicius Martins BRA Art in Surf 4,500
8 Mo Freitas HI Focus SUP 4,250
9 Eric Terrien FR Bic SUP 4,000
10 Paulo dos Reis BRA Starboard 3,750
11 Paul Jackson AUS Fanatic 3,500
12 Luis Carlos Guida BRA 3,250
13 Leonard Nika IT Starboard 3,000
14 Maria Cavaco Neto BRA Starboard 2,875
15 James Casey AUS JP Australia 2,750
16 Gustavo Moura Costa e Costa BRA 2,625
17 Manuel Simoncelli SP 2,500
17 Bruno Pitanga BRA 2,500
17 Americo Pinheiro Junior BRA Starboard 2,500
17 Marcelo de Oliveira Lins BRA 2,500
17 Guilherme Batista de Souza BRA 2,500
17 Victor Blanes Eckert SP 2,500
17 Pepe Oltra Sana SP 2,500
17 Alexcsander Araujo Ferreira BRA 2,500
17 Candido Chutorianscy BRA 2,500
17 Gabriel Vilarinho Corezzi BRA 2,500
17 Keylor Pimentel Silva BRA 2,500
17 Luis Marques de Santana BRA 2,500
17 Michel Jonas Dias Bastos BRA 2,500
17 Mateus Tavares BRA 2,500
17 Carlos Bahia BRA 2,500
17 Justin Holland AUS Starboard 2,500
33 Aloysio Alves Vasconcellos BRA 800
33 Antonio Gonzaga BRA 800
33 Ariel Alves de Souza BRA 800
33 Arthur Carvalho Mas Santacreu BRA 800
33 Carlos Jose Oliveira de Jesus BRA 800
33 Claudio Carneiro BRA 800
33 Itamar Silveira do Carmo BRA 800
33 Luiz Antonio Nabazo Barros BRA 800
33 Antonio Fernando BRA 800

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