Published on August 28th, 2023 | by Supworldmagazine

EMBRACING THE SUCK ( Learning how to Wing and Downwind SUP)

Check out the latest from The Lift Journal, where he learns to Wing Foil and also Downwind SUP and talks through his experience using a variety of boards and wings.

« In this entry I talk about my first couple tries learning to fly the wing and also trying to figure out down wind SUP. When I first started foiling I really had no interest in either but over the past couple months I have slowly been mentally preparing myself to learn. Hence embracing the suck of almost learning something from scratch again. Winging appeals to me because I hate pumping into harsh wind so figured learn how to use it as a chair lift. Down wind is just such a meditative journey from what I have been told. Using your knowledge of how the ocean works but also the ultimate flow states I have heard about.« 

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