Published on October 4th, 2017 | by Matt Dumoulin

Gear Review – Jimmy Lewis Hover Craft Foil SUP

« Review of the new Jimmy Lewis Stand Up Paddle surfing Foil boards. These are some of the first production boards designed specifically for Foiling. Some other multi-purpose boards available are really just SUP surfing boards with a Tuttle box. Jimmy Lewis designed these with input from GoFoils designer Alex Aguera to be used with a Foil only, so the outline, rocker line and rail shapes were optimized for HydroFoiling, where turning ability on the wave is not an issue as the board is lifted out of the water. Some of the nice features are:
A strong Tuttle box installation that is connected to the top and bottom glass of the board, no other fin boxes to save weight and reduce drag, low tail rocker for more lift and faster takeoff speeds, nose rocker to allow recovering if the foil breaches, wide tail and straighter outline for better tracking, deck pad with marks for foot positioning, pre-installed, off set foot strap mounts, handle balanced for use with foil installed. My friend Jeff Chang has been using the prototype of the production model and really enjoys it, gopro footage is of Jeff foiling on his Jimmy Lewis board. »


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