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Published on December 7th, 2015 | by Supworldmagazine

Gear Spotlight: NEW Self Inflating Sipa Boards

The Sipa Boards All-Arounder, Fisherman and Cruiser all come with a new and revolutionary system:   a jet powered board coupled with a self inflating system. Too good to be true?…

SipaBoards are jet-propelled, self-inflating, smart SUPs. While the paddler gets ready for their session, SipaBoards pump themselves to the perfect pressure in under 5 minutes. Once on the water, users can choose from three speeds, from 1 to 3.5 knots, at the click of a button. The lower settings double the paddler’s range and extend the time they spend on the water, with the battery providing up to 3 hours of motor assist at 2 knots, while the max speed helps overcome adverse conditions like winds and strong currents, making sure they make it back to shore safe and sound. The bottom of the motor housing can be optionally outfitted with LEDs, to shine a whole new light on paddleboarding.



Sipa Board -All Rounder ©supworldmag.com


Sipa Board – Cruiser ©supworldmag.com


Sipa Board – Fisherman ©supworldmag.com

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