Published on December 20th, 2023 | by Supworldmagazine

How to Start Wing Foiling with a SUP

Looking to get into Wing Foiling? Check out Damien LeRoy in his latest video sharing some top tips to get started with a basic SUP board and a Wing! Using this method it can be easier to understand the basics and grasp the initial skills needed to Wing Foil!

In this video, we used our favourite SUP from Imagine,
the Bula Board: https://wingfoilprocenter.com/product…
Wing: https://wingfoilprocenter.com/product…
Impact vest: https://wingfoilprocenter.com/product…
Helmet: https://wingfoilprocenter.com/product…
Wing leash: https://wingfoilprocenter.com/product…
Shop and Learn Wing Foiling with us: https://www.wingfoilprocenter.com
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