Published on April 11th, 2022 | by Supworldmagazine

Introduction to Whitewater Supping with Beth Kirby

In this SUPboarder video, Beth Kirby introduces you to White Water SUP and what types of paddling can be done on moving water. White Water SUP combines the technical aspects of paddleboarding with the high-paced, high-octane nature of white water.

It’s normally done on inland waterways, be it man-made or natural rivers.
The different types of disciplines included in white water SUP are river running, river surfing, and SUPX. Beth found White Water SUP after seeing some friends trying it 4 years ago.
She comes from a white water kayaking background with many medals won in World competitions. Beth is also stacking up lots of UK wins and experience in SUPX, river surfing, and river running.

Before trying white water SUP, It’s important to understand the risks, dangers, and the correct type of safety equipment to wear including a quick release waist leash before heading out on white water. Get some coaching and avoid paddling alone

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