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Maddi Leblanc – Professional SUP Team Canada

Introducing Maddi Leblanc: Canada’s Top-Ranked Stand Up Paddle Boarding Athlete

Maddi Leblanc, the reigning champion of Canadian stand-up paddle boarding, hails from Niagara, Ontario. Her mastery of the sport is matched only by her passion for environmental conservation, which she seamlessly integrates into her daily life. As an educator, she shares her expertise with aspiring paddle boarders, inspiring them to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.
Check out this interview with Maddi from Beyond Reach Productions!

« Currently ranked #1 in Canada, Maddi Leblanc is a professional stand up paddle boarding athlete and teacher from Niagara ON, CAN. Her passions for SUP and the environment shine through in her everyday life and she encourages her peers to work hard and chase their dreams no matter what they may be. Website : https://www.beyondreachproductions.com/« 

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