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Published on September 29th, 2016 | by Supworldmagazine

New @ PADDLEexpo 2016 – Whetman Equipment, Pig Rig

The Pig Rig is a mechanical advantage haul system which is very simple and light weight. It is unique because  it does not require  karabiners or pulleys. It is a design by Whetman Equipment made in the UK.  The components which make the system are a combination of Two Whetman Equipment  Pythons and two Whetman Equipment Ring Pull Prussiks.

Whetman Equipment_pig rig 3

Whetman Equipment Ring Pull Prussiks ©supworldmag.com

Whetman Equipment_pig rig 2

Whetman Equipment Pythons ©supworldmag.com

The unique aspect is the use of  steel rings which  replace pulleys and karabiners which are often in short supply on the river.

The rope grab is achieved with the Ring Pull Prussik. The fixed ring makes tying the prussik easier and faster. The ring is then ready to be offered back to the webbing element (Python) to generate the mechanical advantage.
In real incidents when working under pressure any kit which makes things simpler and faster is a very great bonus: this is exactly what the Whetman Equipment Pig Rig achieves.

Whetman Equipment_pig rig 4

Whetman Equipment, Pig Rig ©supworldmag.com

Setting Up the Pig Rig

See the attached sketch which shows how to set it up.

The first Python is the anchor and is wrapped around a tree like a true constrictor; ideally a full strength tie off which will present the ring end forward as the anchor pully.

The second Python threads through the rope grab Ring Pull Prussik and then returns to thread through the anchor ring and then back to thread through its own ring to create the mechanical advantage pully system.

More info go to: www.whetmanequipment.com

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