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Published on September 11th, 2015 | by Supworldmagazine

New Products @ PADDLEexpo 2015 – The Red Paddle Co, Titan Pump

In Partnership with PADDLEexpo (Sept 17-19th 2015)Kayak Session magPaddle World mag and SUP World Mag are releasing web updates previewing what seems to be the coolest paddlesports items expected to be seen at this year’s World’s biggest Paddlesport Trade show.

The Red Paddle Co Titan Pump – Less pumping more paddling

Throughout the rapid growth in popularity of inflatable SUP  boards one issue remained present and that was how to pump up a board quicker and easier. Various electric options are available but they require being near a power source of some description, are heavy and have a limited life span. That goes against the very nature of being able to take your inflatable board anywhere and go paddling.

Red Paddle Co have more experience than any other SUP brand in the field of inflation so it was no surprise when they developed and produced the game changing Titan pump.

The Titan Pump from Red Paddle Co utilises 2 chambers to massively increase the volume of air per stroke, which in turn drastically reduces the time taken to get the air into the board. The Titan pump then has a clever switching system that then effectively allows you to change gear and use just one chamber to reach the higher pressure, which in turn drastically reduces the effort required to inflate your board.

Half the time and half the effort  – The Titan pump redefines the inflation game! The Titan pump pushes air out an incredible 96 KMH / 60 MPH per stroke making it the highest powered pump available (both manual and electric). And because Red Paddle Co want the very best for all of their customers it is supplied as standard with their 2016 boards.

more info go to: http://redpaddleco.com/

Science of the Titan:

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