Published on February 21st, 2017 | by Matt Dumoulin

SUP it and See it. Blind SUP Athlete Paddles form East to West coast of Scotland.

Honestly, Dean Dumbar is quite the man…
Dean has a disease that affects his ability to see. Every week since he is a child, his vision is slowly going down. After going through a lot of everyday battles to be able to live his life, he discovered adrenaline, something that will make him feel alive and happy.

Ever since his life had been dedicated to getting more of it, feeling the rush through incredible adventures that people able to see would not all be able to do.

2 years ago he jumped on a SUP and rallied the 96 km of the Caledonian Canal that links the west and east coasts of Scotland.

What an inspiration!
A film by Dave Robson.

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