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Published on July 7th, 2014 | by Supworldmagazine

SUP World Magazine Issue 4 – 2013

An annual special issue dedicated to Stand Up Paddling. Focused on newcomers to the sport, SUP World Mag primarily covers the recreational aspects of Stand Up Paddling: beginner paddlers, leisure and family paddling, fitness, flatwater, and distance paddling, and a little bit of racing and surfing. Focused on the visual aspect the sport, SUP World Mag brings high quality photography, thoughtful articles and very creative lay out. Essential reading for Stand Up paddlers worldwide.


Lake Tahoe
Discover: Southern Chile SUP: The Rivers and Lakes of Araucanía
Mission: Conquering Green Gold: Diahot River Expedition, New Caledonia
In-Depth: How to Gear Up for Whitewater SUP: Lessons Learned by a Pro
Interview: Dan Gavere – An accomplished waterman
Technique: Yoga SUP: Harmony Dawn – The SUP Forward Stroke: Danny Mongno
+ 8 Pages of Buyers Guide

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