Published on June 3rd, 2019 | by Matt Dumoulin

Top 10 SUP Beginner Mistakes- How (not to) Stand Up Paddleboard

Blue Planet SUP describes the top 10 most common SUP mistakes and how to avoid them.

#10: Holding the paddle backward and hands too close together
#9: Using only the tip of the blade and not reaching forward
#8: Holding paddle diagonally and too far away from the board
#7: Falling onto the board instead of into the water
#6: Looking down instead of forwards
#5: Kicking under the board when trying to get back on
#4: Not centering weight on board
#3: Drifting with the wind and not controlling the direction
#2: Going out in dangerous conditions and/or with the wrong gear
#1: Not wearing a leash


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