Published on January 24th, 2017 | by Matt Dumoulin

Video: Tidal wave Surfing compilation.

We all dreamed of the infinite wave. If some artificial set up tried to take over the fantasy, there is a natural way to achieving this dream: Tidal waves on rivers.

It takes a very specific configuration for the Ocean swell to come in a river and carry a wave up to it, but it happens in quite a lof of places!

Here is 4 very good examples of it, that will inspire you until you can get yourself on one of them!

Dordogne in France:

It’s a pretty mellow one compared to some others, but it’s probably the most fun! Hundreds of people gather with all kind of floating/surfing non identified objects and it’s a big throw down on the water!


Fairly big and located in the jungle of Malaysia, it’s such an adventure to go surf this one! And you can combine with some other surfing in Asia.

Qiantang river in China:
This is a rowdy one that can get pretty dangerous. to surf with caution! It’s the worst fear of local people, and for a reason.


Not the most famous but probably the most accessible from the US, and one of the cleanest considering the size of it!

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