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Published on November 27th, 2013 | by Supworldmagazine


World First Interchangeable Multi Section Paddleboard (Corran SUP)

Corran SUP has designed and is bringing to market the first interchangeable multi section paddleboard. The problem with paddleboards is threefold. The first is that they are long and cumbersome. They are complex to transport and store for the end user, and they take up copious amounts of floor space in retail outlets. The second is that they are generally expensive = well over $1000 and often over $2000. Lastly, you need a different board for every member of the family, and for every intended use. This new invention (which has a patent pending) solves all three issues. It consists of a front and back section which form the base board, and then additional center sections which click together to lengthen the board as needed. So the single design, which fits neatly into the back of your car, and in your closet, can go from the perfect above ground Yoga board, to a general purpose paddling board, or a distance board thats ideal for fitness training, fishing or even paddling two-up.

This is a concept the inventor Corran Addison has been working on now for 8 years – to create a board thats easier to transport and store, but it wasn’t until recently that he added idea to make the board adjustable in length and use. Take the same shape – the same pieces – and duplicate them so that you can make a board short or long.

The « base » board is two pieces – the ends slide together and lock with a ratcheting system that pulls the two pieces together firmly along rigid sliders. This 6′ board is perfect for someone under 150lbs (like kids) looking for a lightweight east and fun play toy. It’s equally effective for someone looking for a small Yoga board that will fit into an « above ground » backyard pool. At 34″ wide, its plenty big enough to support a sub 150lbs person.

When you’re done, take it apart, and store it in a small corner of your house or in the back of your Smart Car. Now clip in the additional 3′ section, and your board goes from 6′ to 9′ so that it has decent paddling speed. At 9′ long its 220ltr and will hold a paddler in excess of 230lbs. With the increased speed, and volume, the board becomes more versatile in its use. Paddle a few miles, try a few waves, go back to your yoga – it’s everything you want it to be. Now ad another identical center section, and your 9′ board becomes 12′ and you have a real distance paddling board. Miles and miles of paddling is possible. A stable fishing platform is achieved, and you have the volume and length to carry two full sized adults so you can paddle tandem. Parents with children… lovers… you and your dog  -it’s all part of what makes this board so amazing. And when its time to do more yoga in the backyard pool, simply remove the center sections again, click it back together, and you’re ready to go.

The molds for this are very expensive (much more than rotomolding which is already not cheap), and so Corran SUP has gone for a cloud funding project to raise the money to bring this great new idea to market. You can see their project here: Kickstarter

This is an awesome deal for everyone involved. It helps us bring this idea to life, and it gets the end user a board at much less money than what the retail price would be. You can’t beat a win-win situation like this. So Corran SUP is appealing to your instinctive need to save money, own something truly practical and unique, and be a part of stand up history.

For more information about Corran Paddleboards, go to corransup.com

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