Published on December 18th, 2018 | by Matt Dumoulin

ZANE SCHWEITZER – SUP Surfing Tips READ AND WATCH – Staggered Stance

« A slightly staggered stance means my right foot is just in front of the left, so it’s not quite a parallel stance and not quite a surf stance, but somewhere comfortable in between. The reason is, in your straight stance you have little control nose to tail but you do have control left to right, while in your surf stance you have control nose to tail but not as much left to right. A slightly staggered stance gives you control both ways and makes it much easier to balance in surf. » Zane Schweitzer, SUP Surfing World Champion

The other key is to paddle constantly. On a board as small as mine, I’m sinking if I’m not paddling, so always having forward momentum is key. When your paddle is not working to paddle you forward, it should be bracing to help you balance.

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