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Dogman SUP World

SUP surfing with Dogman.

Published on mars 28th, 2017 | by Matt Dumoulin

It has been awhile since Dogman has graced the inter- web with a new vid. He’s a little older, little grayer and just as hairy. What hasn’t changed is his froth and throwing around his big [&hellip... Read More


Bic earth series SUP World

Earth SUP series by Bic Sport.

Published on mars 28th, 2017 | by Matt Dumoulin

Here is a video presentation for Bic SUP boards Earth series, the environmental friendly boards. With different production standards, Bic comes up with boards that are more respectful than regular boards for the environment. Plus with [&hellip... Read More


Manawa F-one SUP

Manawa Board from F-One SUP

Published on mars 26th, 2017 | by Matt Dumoulin

Check out the Manawa from F-One SUP, their most accessible/versatile board! « The Manawa line has been designed to offer the most stable, versatile and accessible boards. All the shapes feature generous volume and width to make [&hellip... Read More

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